web + software developer

i love working with new technologies and making them play nicely with existing ones.

most importantly, i've survived the dot com bubble bursting, Y2K, and Windows Vista.

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about me
who am i?

i speak several languages: java, c#, jquery, css, html, and sql are just a few.

i've developed applications across several business verticals: technical computing (SGI), accounting (acorn systems), healthcare (the advisory board company), advertising (springbox), supply chain (timera solutions, now jda software), and transportation (fedex).

i'm a freelance web and software developer with over 13 years of professional experience. i started my development career at SGI as an intern and gained experience working on java applications. upon graduation from college, i continued doing java development working on various applications (both internal-only and outward-facing) at fedex, timera solutions (now jda software), and acorn systems.

while at acorn systems, i began development using .Net in parallel with java and gained even more development exposure. i then continued my .Net work at springbox then back again at acorn systems where i worked as a director of development. however, i missed being in the development trenches and left acorn systems to return to my career as a full-time developer again, this time at the advisory board company.

soon, however, i felt the need for something more. rather than change roles or jobs, i decided to try my hand at freelancing. i left my very stable and comfortable job at the advisory board company to pursue freelancing full-time, and the rest is history. my current contract is with management consulting company oliver wyman working on a variety of applications for several clients. i love having control over the projects that i work on, the business verticals to work within, the technologies i want to play with, and the ability to work from home or another city or another country if i like.

best decision i ever made, to go freelance. feel free to talk to me if you have any questions about it!