i'm carolyn vo!

it's so nice to meet you.

my specialties currently include providing consultation on technical projects, strategy and implementation, career advice, assistance with job hunting, and collaboration to deliver solid resumes.


I can help make your goals happen. I ask the hard questions, the thorough questions, and the big-picture questions that can help solidify your deliverables. My years of professional experience, as well as my exposure to different verticals, such as healthcare, accounting, and retail, will only benefit you. Let me help you clear obstacles, identify potential issues, choose the best technology stack, and determine a plan of action with milestones.


My extensive and diverse background in software development spanning over 14 years will benefit you in the implementation phase of your project. I'm no fanboy of any language or technology. Instead, I will help you with implementation based on technological requirements, budget constraints, and ease of maintenance. It's all about finding the right tools for the job at hand.

Career Advisor

I've helped many people not only with their resumes, but also have provided them with guidance in their next career steps. I'll never tell you what to do. Instead, my forte is to ask the right questions that will help you come to the conclusion that you're most comfortable with and that will fit your lifestyle and job needs. I'll help you stay focused until that polished resume is ready to go.